Saturday, November 23, 2013

Auction Is Closed!

The auction is NOW CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who bid. I will email the winners ASAP and  post them below.


Unless otherwise noted, SHIPPING (U.S.) is $2 for the first auction item and 50 cents each additional if you win more than one auction. I am very sorry, I can only ship outside the U.S. if arrangements can be made to cover the extra shipping costs.

Auction Winners

46. New Zealand Kiwi Bird - The Poupounette Gang, $25

44. Hand Crocheted Scarf – Constance Marie, $15

43. Sock Kitty – Cara n Crew, $15

42. Soft Cat Figurine – Constance Marie, $10

41. Microwaveable Buckwheat Cat – Maxwell, Faraday and Allie, $20

40. Angry Birds Dog Toys – Cara n Crew, $20

39. Cat Toys Assortment #3– dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur, $20!

38. Cat Toys Assortment #2 – Constance Marie, $13

37.  Cat Toys Assortment #1 – Constance Marie, $12

36. Amazecats Playing Cards – Marjorie Dawson, $15

35. Whimsical Cat Frame – Jenn Martin Ilo, $10

34. Locket – Constance Marie, $8

33. Amethyst Earrings – Constance Marie, $12

32. Simon’s Cat Book – Karen Alcorn, $15

31. Gotta Love Cats – Constance Marie, $7

30. Lil Bubs Book – Karen Chavez, $12

29. Secrets of a Working Dog -- Clingycat,  $15

28. Whiskerslist – Maxwell, Faraday and Allie, $10

27. Love Saves the Day – meowmeowmans, $15

26. Dewey’s Nine Lives – Karen Chavez, $12

25. KeeKees Big Adventure – Cara n Crew, $15

24. What’s the Matter with Henry – Karen Alcorn, $12

23. Henry’s World – Karen Alcorn, $20

20. Wooden Picture Frame -- Katiez Katz,  $8

18. Cat Earrings – Clingycat, $20

17. Charm Bracelet – Jerry Ilo, $20

16. Bracelet – Terri, $10

14. Soft Fabric Oriental Bowl – Spitty the Kitty, $10

13. Cat Sweater -- Selina, $20

11. Creative Memories Pen Set – Spitty the Kitty, $10

9. Cat on Scooter Ornament – Island Cats, $6

6. Ceramic Trivet – Alasandra, the Cats and Dogs, $8

5. Beanie Baby Cats – Karen Chavez, $6

4. Fun with Rock Painting – Cara n Crew, $15

1. Cat Plaque – Cara n Crew, $8

46. New Zealand Kiwi Bird

dArtagnan Rumblepurr and Diego Hamlet Moonfur have generously donated one of the coveted Kiwi birds!
Looking for the perfect xmas gift? Well, look no further! Mister Kiwi is authentically New Zealand made, bought and sniffed by Rumbles and Hammy! He is brand new, and has only had a little bit of sniffing (as shown in the photos).

This little kiwi makes authentic kiwi noises, and has a beak made for noming on. A wonderful kitty or woofie toy, or a great toy for the humans.

They will ship Mister Kiwi internationally.

Minimum bid is $10.

45. Custom-Made Graphic

Alasandra has generously donated a Custom Made Graphic to the auction: Christmas Card, Valentine Card, Birthday Card or announcement -- your choice.

Here are two examples:

Minimum bid: $8

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

44. Hand-Crocheted Scarf

This beautiful scarf is approximately 50" long. There is no wool; machine wash and dry on delicate. Handmade and generously donated by the lovely blogger Madi and her Mom:

Minimum bid: $15. (Note: Shipping for this item is FREE in the U.S.)

Monday, November 18, 2013

43. Sock Kitty

Adorable kitty in the style of the old-fashioned "sock dolls" - 8" long.

Minimum bid: $10

42. Soft Cat Figurine

Whimsical kitty figurine. 8" tall.

Minimum bid: $6

41. Microwaveable Buckwheat Filled Cat

Heat this kitty in the micro for a few minutes and then place her around your neck for soothing warmth. Great for sore muscles and cold feet, too!

Minimum bid: $15

40. Angry Birds Dog Toys, set of four

Four cute plush dog toys: characters from the popular Angry Birds game are all decked out for the holidays.

Minimum bid: $15 for the set.

39. Cat Toys Assortment #3

A whole bunch of fun for kitty!

Two large and three small striped balls
Three jingle balls, Three mice, Football
Christmas cat, Striped kicker
Kong Mouse with catnip

Minimum bid: $12

38. Cat Toys Assortment #2


Wobble Winder (wind it up and it wobbles in a circle on the floor)
Three rubber balls, Football, Catnip sushi roll
Four mice, Catnip package, Pillow cat toy

Minimum bid: $10

37. Cat Toys Assortment #1

This assortment of cat toys includes:

Catnip crab, Football, Two pink rattle balls, Package of catnip
Wobble Winder (wind it up and it wobbles around in a circle on the floor)
Kitty Babble Ball (talks and makes different sounds when it's batted or even when kitty walks by it.)

Minimum bid: $10

36. Amazecats Playing Cards

Featuring famous internet kitties Colonel Meow, Henri le Chat Noir, Lil Bub, Sockington, Cooper the Photographer Cat, Spangles, Lil Bub, Luna the Fashion Kitty and more.

Purrfect gift for a cat lover!

Minimum bid: $12

35. Whimsical Ceramic Cat Frame

Cute little frame, 3 1/2" x 5" (photo area is 2" x 3")

Minimum bid: $6

34. Locket

Nice round locket on 24" chain.

Minimum bid: $8

33. Amethyst Earrings

Small, but very pretty, with amethyst stones in gold setting.

Minimum bid: $12

32. Simon's Cat in his very own book

British animator Simon Tofield's animated cat cartoons are hilarious. This book features equally funny drawings of Simon's adorable cat getting into all sorts of trouble. Paperback.

Minimum bid: $10

31. Gotta Love Cats!

A really sweet book with beautiful photos of cats and kittens, along with cute quotations. Great little gift book for a cat lover! Hardcover, 6" x 6".

Minimum bid: $7

30. Lil Bub's Lil Book

This is such a cute book. It's filled with darling full color photos of the internet celebrity kitty Bub, along with clever captions.


Minimum bid: $12

29. Secrets of a Working Dog

Secrets of a Working Dog was written by Bella the Boxer. It's filled with sage advice for humans, from a canine's point of view.

"Tips, tricks and tales for success from America's smartest working dog." Paperback.

Minimum bid: $12

28. Whiskerslist: the Kitty Classifieds

This hilarious book by Angie Bailey is a riot. "When the humans are away, the cats will" They place Craigslist-style ads that reveal every facet of the devious feline mind. Paperback.

Minimum bid: $10

27. Love Saves the Day

Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper.

This is a charming, poignant and funny tale told primarily from a cat's point of view. It's a story of hope, healing, and how the love of a cat can make all of us better humans. Hardcover. 

Minimum bid: $15

26. Dewey's Nine Lives

Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions

This is a sequel to the bestseller Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.  The cat that captured America's hearts returna to share more of his special brand of magic.


 Minimum bid: $12

25. KeeKee's Big Adventures in Paris, France

Very cute picture book about a cat who travels to France and goes sightseeing. Follow KeeKee as she makes new friends, discovers exciting places, and immerses herself in the fascinating French culture. There is a kid-friendly pronunciation guide and glossary in the back of the book, along with a unique and charmingly illustrated map of Paris.

Minimum bid: $12